About Me

Hi, my name is Christian, I live in Baja California, Mexico. I am an engineer in computer systems although what I really love is 3d design. Since I had my first console at 7 years old, I had the dream that one day I can create a video game.

Video games have had such an impact on my life that they have been key pieces for making many important decisions throughout my life, one of the most relevant was choosing the career I studied. Although my passion was 3d, unfortunately I did not have the necessary resources to attend a university that fulfilled my wishes. So analyzing a lot, I understood that I should not only focus on graphics, and what if I also learned to program so that I could become a full stack developer? I wondered, and that was how things took their course.

While I was learning to program at the university, I learned design on my own, during the day I studied programming and at night I designed design. I would like to say that I know everything, but in reality one never stops learning new things.

Now at the time of this writing, September 2019. I have more than 6 years of experience as a 3d developer and today I have decided to undertake this project called noch3d. Noch is the name of a character who has long believed which is an anthropomorphic cheetah. With him I usually represent myself on the net. So I decided to use it as a personal brand to develop all this. Now we just have to see what the future will hold for me, I hope everything goes well and eventually I can live doing what I love most.

Thank you for reading.